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Is Your Child Sick?TM

Medicaid Questions

Alabama Medicaid can be difficult to understand sometimes.  

Probably the best way to keep uninterrupted coverage for your child, is to ALWAYS keep all of your information 'current' with your assigned Medicaid worker, and always bring your child in for their yearly exams.

Another frequent questions is, 'Why did Medicaid change my doctor? or 'I got a letter saying my doctor has been changed.'

This is usually because your child 'went off' Medicaid for a month or more for any number of reasons.  When your child qualifies for Medicaid 'again,' Medicaid 'assigns' you to a doctor 'closest' to your residence, not necessarily the doctor you have always seen.  You are not required to take your child to that newly assigned doctor for service.

When this happens, just call Alabama Medicaid and tell them that you wish to be assigned back to All About Kids.  We may have to have you sign a 'change form' if you come in during that same month, or you can fill in and email this form to them!  Talk about easy!  >>>FORM<<<

Also, if your child is covered by 'another' insurance AND Medicaid, make sure that you inform us of that, and give us a copy of the other insurance card, as well.

Likewise, if your child no longer has the 'other' insurance, inform Medicaid right away, so their Medicaid coverage 'steps up' and pays for all of their services.  This is your responsibility...not ours!

Now, go back and 're-read' the first line of this section.  Yes, it is confusing...and we do this for a living!