Practice News

Medicaid Changes
No more 'assignments' to PCP's!  
We will be your 'Health Home!' 
Never assigned to us? No problem anymore!

Is Your Child Sick?TM

New Patients

Want to begin bringing your child to All About Kids?

We want the process to be smooth, especially for your child.

Please read the FAQ's.  We will continuously be adding useful information to the FAQ page, so use it as a resource for any questions you may have!

Having a baby?

We are excited for you and would LOVE to be their doctor's office for years to come!

Sadly, we have had to say goodbye to children that have 'graduated' to adulthood (age 19) and moved on to 'grown up' doctors for their continued care, so we are especially excited when a new baby comes along!

Before your even have your baby, we invite you to stop by and visit with us!  We can tell you more about the practice, our doctor's and give you the 'start up' paperwork to take home, so that your first 'post-birth' visit isn't overwhelming!